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Compact spark machines

Cold sparks machines projected from 2 to 5 meters

Falling spark machine

Falling cold spark machine from 2 to 7 meters

Instant spark jet machines

Cold spark machine with an instantaneous jet of 5 to 10 meters

Accessories & consumables


Do you want to invest in a professional spark machine? We offer different solutions adapted to the size and location of your event.

Cold spark machines allow you to create spectacular visual effects both indoors and outdoors.

Whether projected or falling, the effect of cold spark projectors is particularly coveted for festive evenings.


How to choose your professional cold spark machine?

There are several possibilities, depending on your needs and your customers’ requests.

Bottom up or top down, the choice is yours!

Create a cold sparkler curtain for a stunning entrance or a vertical projection for a dynamic and bright visual effect.

Depending on the size of your venue, different projection heights and directions are available.

Do not hesitate to ask our sales department for advice, you can benefit from our expertise and know-how.

To each performance its application conditions, choosing the right product is paramount for a successful event.


What budget to buy a professional cold spark machine?

The budget to allocate to your spark machine depends on your needs and the size of the machine you will choose.

The products we offer have been approved reliable and quality.

As with any equipment purchase, the cost of your investment will be relative depending on the durability and efficiency of your machine.

We take a particular interest in the quality of the products we distribute in addition to our own productions for which we are committed to be uncompromising.

Note that the cost of the consumable will be a bit high, but the satisfaction of your customers will undoubtedly be higher.


Why acquire a professional cold spark machine?

Professional cold spark machines are among the must-have atmospheric effects in the event industry.

This visual effect is very popular for festive events as well as stage performances.

Cold spark projectors fit very well into diverse events, both small and large.

Acquiring a cold spark machine is a worthwhile investment and your customers will appreciate this original and surprising effect.

Create fireworks effects without the regulatory drawbacks of pyrotechnics.


Focus on the SPARKULAR cold spark machine.

We would like to draw your attention to the SPARKULAR cold spark machine, an ultra-coveted product due to its technology and efficiency.

The Sparkular STD is a spark machine from 1.5 to 5 meters high adjustable according to your needs with an effect duration from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the powder consumable used. The machine is controlled by DMX.

This spark machine designed to last over time is one of the pioneers in the field of special effects. A flight case for transport is available as an option. This model is also sold in sets of 2, 4 and 6 machines with DMX cable and flightcase included.

This is a professional quality product suitable for use mainly on the ground outdoors.

When a product performs well, it is important to talk about it!


How to use a professional cold spark machine?

As with any use of technical professional equipment, we recommend that you establish safety zones around the equipment.

The new technologies of cold spark projectors imitate pyrotechnic effects without the risk of fire, an alternative that will allow you to intervene in any type of place.

The cold spark machines we distribute do not present a risk of burns in case of contact with the skin or intoxication and do not give off smoke.

They are CE approved to guarantee you a use in full compliance and safety.

These cold spark machines require the exclusive use of consumables from the same manufacturer for safety and efficiency.

Simple to install and small in size, complete your performances with a stunning visual show.

Equipped with optional flightcase, transport your machine with ease during your performances.


Why choose a professional cold spark machine distributed by Premium FX?

Premium FX has chosen to distribute SHOWVEN products, a brand that our technical services have validated through numerous tests.

Just like the products we manufacture, we are very demanding when it comes to the quality and reliability of the machines we distribute.

Work in complete safety thanks to certified, compliant and efficient products.

We offer you the same services as for manufacturer Premium FX products.

Benefit from advice easily for the choice of your products and for their uses by email and by phone.


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