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Do you want to invest in a professional wind and rain machine? We offer you different solutions adapted to the area and location of your service.

Wind and rain machines allow you to replace the weather! Create windstorm or rain effects.

A refreshing effect in the summer season for festive evenings and very useful in the field of entertainment to create the illusion.

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How to choose your professional wind and rain machine?

Several possibilities are available to you depending on the desired effect.

< p>You want a wind effect, we offer several models of professional stage wind machines of different powers.

Choose a single wind effect product or our Universal-Effects brand machines with its system of interchangeable heads for more versatility. Produce wind today and confetti tomorrow!

Different sizes of machines are available to you depending on the volume and power required for your performances.

You also have the option to produce two effects with the rain or mist projection machine thanks to its double nozzle also equipped with the system of interchangeable heads.

A choice of stage and event effects combining performance and versatility.</p >


What budget to buy a professional wind and rain machine?

The budget to allocate to your wind and rain machine depends on your needs and the size of the machine you choose.

However, you will also have to take into account the durability of our products as well as their efficiency which considerably reduces their cost. Investing in reliable products of French quality will allow you to save money in just a few services.

Favoring solid and efficient French manufacturing will undoubtedly be a low investment cost.

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Why acquire a professional wind and rain machine?

Professional wind and rain machines will allow you to offer original effects and refreshing. They will also be an asset to covet new demands in the entertainment sector which constantly seeks larger than life illusion effects for their artistic creations.

Whether it is a wind machine or a projection of rain and mist, diversify your effects to the delight of your customers.

This effect is also popular with amusement parks who wish to tirelessly offer new fun and surprising activities to their customers.


How to use a professional wind and rain machine?

These products are very easy to use and made for quick installation.

Position your effect machine in a safe area in the direction where the effect is to be sprayed.

Plug in your machine, for the rain and mist models it will be necessary to have a water tank nearby to supply the machine.

Once the hoses are power supplies connected, you are ready to produce your performance, trigger the machine.

Use our raising feet and our firing turret to easily sweep the entire surface to be covered with the effect.


Why choose a professional wind and rain machine from the manufacturer Premium FX?

All our products are made in France, in the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté with selected materials, of high quality and reliable over time.

The bodies of our machines are made of aluminum and all the screws and bolts are made of stainless steel. x imperatives to maintain the effect machines in good condition and always effective since several effects require contact with mixed products and water.

Thus, we avoid rust and we allow you to carry out services with clean and efficient equipment, an essential point for your brand image with your customers.

Our products are guaranteed for 3 years, they are designed to last over time, so there is no no planned obsolescence. Even after several years of use, we ensure the maintenance of your machines as well as the necessary repairs in the event of breakage at your request.

By purchasing your machine from Premium FX, you are buying a product designed and made in France, a reliable product, a local customer service, an efficient after-sales service.

Benefit from advice for the choice of your products and for their uses easily by email and by phone.</ p>


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