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Want to invest in a professional air freshener? We offer you different solutions adapted to the surface area and location of your service.

Scent diffusion machines allow you to create atmospheres in keeping with your theme, your brand identity, your product.< /p>

Professional scent diffusion machines are now part of the popular atmospheric effects and used to differentiate themselves and increase sales.


How to choose your professional scent diffusion machine?

Several possibilities are available to you, we offer different models of machines for small, medium and large diffusion spaces.</ p>

In order to guide you in your choice, we have divided the scent diffusion machines by size of space: up to 100 m², 1200 m² and 4000 m².

In this way , depending on your needs and the surface of your place of diffusion, you can choose the appropriate product.

Some of our diffe usion of scents are equipped with Bluetooth and 4G for easy remote control of the machine.

You will also find our exclusive products with Universal-Effects brand machines equipped with our system of interchangeable heads, powerful and versatile, your performance will have no equal.

It is also essential to select quality scents for a realistic and satisfying effect.

The use of products low quality will not allow you to achieve a recognizable scent diffusion effect and can be a danger to those present.

This is why we work in close collaboration with perfumers from the Pays de Grasse, world capital of perfumery.

Quality and constant efficiency are at the heart of our concerns.


What budget to buy a professional scent diffusion machine?

The budget to allocate to your scent diffusion machine? The number of scents depends on your needs and the size of machine you choose.

Once again, the cost of purchasing a professional product is relative to its reliability and durability .

An inexpensive product will require its renewal more quickly, a professional product whose purchase investment will be greater, will allow you to maintain consistency in your services, rapid profitability and peace of mind. long-term use.


Why buy a professional scent diffusion machine?

Diffusion machines of professional scents are today coveted effects for their commercial impact.

Market players seek to distinguish themselves and the diffusion of scents is an excellent way to capture the attention of consumers.

Each professional is affected by this craze, whether for a thematic evening, to assert your brand identity, to overcome bad smells, or even just for fun, scent diffusion machines have become essential.

This is why we offer a selection of professional scenting machines capable of meeting market needs and current trends.


How to use a scenting machine?

Scent diffusion machines are very easy to use.

Place your product in the room or place where you want to diffuse the scent, fill the tank machine of the scent of your choice, set your diffusion times and turn on.

Our professional scent diffusers Professional scent diffusers for events and shows are brand products Universal-Effects specially designed for very large spaces.

Their specific technical characteristics allow them to diffuse different fragrances alternately. Also remotely controllable via a DMX system.

We remind you of the importance of using quality scents in order to obtain a successful and realistic effect.

In addition, scents with unverified manufacturing methods and without strict control can be a health hazard.

The diffusion of scents is not trivial, you must prioritize safety before price.

< p>We work with perfumers in the Pays de Grasse to offer you certified products that comply with the standards in force.

We pay great attention to guaranteeing satisfactory results with authentic, top-of-the-range scents.


Why choose a professional scent diffusion machine from Premium FX manufacturer?

All our products are made in France, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region with selected materials, of high quality and reliable over time.

The bodies of our machines are manufactured aluminum and all the hardware is stainless steel, essential choices to keep the effect machines in good condition and always effective since several effects require contact with mixed products and water.

Thus, we avoid rust and we allow you to carry out services with clean and efficient equipment, an essential point for your brand image with your customers.

Our products are guaranteed for 3 years, they are designed to last over time, so there is no planned obsolescence. Even after several years of use, we ensure the maintenance of your machines as well as the necessary repairs in the event of breakage at your request.

By purchasing your machine from Premium FX, you are buying a product designed and made in France, a reliable product, a local customer service, an efficient after-sales service.

Benefit from advice for the choice of your products and for their uses easily by email and by telephone.</ p>

All the products distributed by Premium FX have been checked and tested by our technical departments.

Just like the products we manufacture, we are very demanding in terms of the quality and reliability of the machines that we distribute.

Work safely thanks to certified, compliant and efficient products.

We offer you the same services as for the manufacturer Premium FX products.

Benefit from advice easily for the choice of your products and for their uses p by mail and by phone.


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