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Do you want to invest in a professional bubble machine? We offer different solutions adapted to the size and location of your event.

Bubble machines allow you to create fun and visual animations.

Also known as bubble cannons, these products are particularly appreciated for family events such as weddings and christenings, but also in the entertainment sector.


How to choose your professional bubble machine?

Many possibilities are available to you, depending on your needs and the demand of your customers.

Use your bubble machine for visual effects with various prerequisites such as at the entrance of an establishment receiving the public, a show stage, a children’s park or an attraction.

For a discreet and effective diffusion, choose our compact and silent bubble machines. Simple to use and transport, this bubble machine will be an asset by its mobility.

For a wider diffusion or a storm of bubbles, opt for the version with interchangeable head with deployed power. Use our extension feet with our shooting turret and your machine will be more than a tool but an attraction in its own right.

Combined with our top of the range bubble liquids, diffuse coloured bubbles with a long lasting effect. A real visual pleasure without any danger of staining or corrosion.

The importance of the quality of the bubble liquid used is not negligible since the formation and holding of the bubbles is linked to the performance of the bubble liquid. Just like our machines, our bubble liquids will give you satisfaction as to their efficiency.

And let’s not forget that they are safe and comply with the standards in force.


What is the budget for buying a professional bubble machine?

The budget to allocate to your bubble machine depends on your needs and the size of the machine you choose.

However, you should also take into account the durability of our products as well as their efficiency, which considerably reduces their cost. Investing in reliable and French quality products will save you money in just a few services.

Preferring a solid and efficient French manufacture will undoubtedly be a low investment cost.


Why acquire a professional bubble machine?

Professional bubble machines are among the must-have atmospheric effects in the event industry.

This bubble projection effect can be used all year round, indoors and outdoors.

Bubble projection services are appreciated for their visual and gentle character. Create a light-hearted fairy tale of colour, offer an alternative to seasonal effects and enhance your machine fleet with this almost melodious effect.


How to use a professional bubble machine?

To use your professional bubble machine in optimal conditions, place the machine slightly away from your projection area so that the audience does not walk right in front of the machine.

In fact, during a long duration bubble projection, the floor in front of the machine will be moderately covered with a greasy and potentially slippery film depending on the type of floor of your venue.

In order to avoid any risk of accident, it is therefore necessary to take precautions.

In addition, it is advisable to set up a safety zone so that no one comes to block the wheel of the bubble machine during its operation under penalty of slight injury and breakage of the machine.

Finally, as the wheel must systematically pass through the tank filled with bubble liquid to replenish itself, it is recommended to install your bubble machine on a flat surface.


Why choose a professional snow machine from the manufacturer Premium FX?

All our products are made in France, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region with selected materials, quality and reliable over time.

The bodies of our machines are made of aluminium and all the screws and bolts are made of stainless steel, imperative choices to keep the effect machines in good condition and always efficient since several effects require contact with mixed products and water.

Thus, we avoid rust and allow you to perform with clean and efficient equipment, an essential point for your brand image with your customers.

Our products are guaranteed for 3 years, they are designed to last over time, so there is no programmed obsolescence. Even after several years of use, we ensure the maintenance of your machines as well as the necessary repairs in case of breakage at your request.

When you buy your machine from Premium FX, you buy a product designed and manufactured in France, a reliable product, a local customer service, an efficient after-sales service.

Benefit from advice for the choice of your products and for their uses easily by mail and by phone.


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