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Vertical jet smoke machines

Fog machine with led lighting and a vertical jet of 5 to 15 meters

Low fog machines

Low fog machines for creating ground effect


Accessories & consumables


Want to invest in a professional smoke or fog machine? We offer you different solutions adapted to the surface area and location of your performance.

Professional fog and fog machines are essential in the event and entertainment sector.

Essential to the use of lighting, smoke and fog machines must keep pace.


How to choose your professional smoke and fog machine ?

Several possibilities are available to you depending on your needs.

We offer different machine models depending on the desired effect:

– Smoke machine with LED lighting and a vertical jet of 5 to 10 meters,

– Smoke machine for lighting and evening entertainment,

– Smoke machine heavy fog for creating ground effect.

You need a fog machine to highlight your lighting, the “PRO FOG” machines are ideal.

For a Co2 type effect without the disadvantages of Co2 cylinders , choose smoke machines with LED lighting and vertical jet, your visual effect will be successful.

Finally, for low smoke effects, choose a heavy smoke machine and cover the ground with a cloud white smoke.

Choose a machine suited to your use, indoors or outdoors, bearing in mind that outdoor smoke is subject to climatic conditions.

Each need has its own smoke effect!


What budget to buy a professional smoke and fog machine?

The budget to allocate to your smoke and fog machine depends on your needs and the effect you choose.

The products we offer you have been approved for quality and reliability.

As for each purchase of equipment, the cost of your investment will be relative depending on the durability and efficiency of your machine.

We take particular interest in the quality of the products we distribute. Let’s supplement our own productions for which we are committed to being uncompromising.


Why acquire a professional smoke and low fog machine?< /h5>

Professional fog and low fog machines guarantee you more reliability over time and efficiency of use.

For fog machines intended for lighting, they are in high demand and require a long endurance capability for your animation to be successful, so it’s important to opt for a professional machine that can meet these requirements.

Whatever the effect, it’s imperative that your event is a success, investing in quality products will allow you to satisfy your customers or the public.


How to use a professional fog and low fog machine?

Smoke and low fog machines are easy to use.

Depending on the machine model chosen, position nose the product so that it spreads over the area to be covered.

Fill your machine with the appropriate consumable and trigger the effect at the desired moment.

You can control your effects thanks to the many settings available.


Why choose a professional smoke and fog machine distributed by Premium FX?

Premium FX has chosen to distribute SHOWVEN products, a brand that our technical departments have validated by numerous tests.

Just like the products we manufacture, we are very demanding in terms of quality and the reliability of the machines we distribute.

Work in complete safety thanks to certified, compliant and efficient products.

We offer you the same services as for the manufacturer Premium FX products.

Benefit from advice easily for the choice of your products and for their uses by mail and by phone.


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