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Straight flame machines

Flame machine with liquid / gas consumable and vertical jet from 3 to 10 meters

Flame machines with rotation

Flame machine with liquid/gas consumable and rotating jet from 0° to 360°

Accessories & consumables


You want to invest in a professional flame machine? We offer you different solutions adapted to the surface and the place of your performance.

Professional flame machines allow you to create spectacular visual effects both indoors and outdoors.
Fire effects are prized in many events and shows for their sensational impact.

How to choose a professional flame machine?

Several possibilities are available to you depending on your needs.
We offer you different models of machines: flame machines with liquid consumable and rotating jet from 110° to 360° and flame machines with liquid consumable and vertical jet from 5 to 10 meters.
Make your choice according to your needs, rotating or vertical jets, impress the public with a great effect.
We also offer a model of flame jet machine equipped with 5 individual and simultaneous outputs for impressive and striking fire effects.
Our machines have remote control systems and predefined firing sequences for ease of use. You can of course control the machine manually according to your needs.

What is the budget to buy a professional flame machine?

The budget to allocate to your flame machine depends on your needs and the size of the machine you choose.
The products we offer have been approved for reliability and quality.
As with any equipment purchase, the cost of your investment will be relative depending on the durability and efficiency of your machine.
We take a particular interest in the quality of the products we distribute in addition to our own productions for which we commit ourselves to be uncompromising.

Why acquire a professional flame machine ?

The professional flame machines are among the essential atmospheric effects in the event and entertainment sector.
This visual effect is very popular for festive events and stage performances such as concerts, festivals and theme parks.
Create dynamic and artistic effects with professional flame machines and enhance your performances.
This type of product requires special attention when it comes to safety, which is why it is essential to invest in quality professional equipment.
When using a flame projector, your responsibility is engaged, you must be certain of the quality and reliability of your machine, investing in a professional flame machine allows you to obtain the certificates of conformity and an incomparable serenity.

How to use a professional flame machine ?

Flame projectors are products to be used with care.
Place your flame projector in a secure area that is inaccessible to the public, only to persons authorized to use it.
Your machine should be placed on a flat, stable surface to prevent it from tipping over during a flame throw.
As the name implies, this is a live flame machine, so it is essential that you have an area to watch before you start the machine.
Use consumables that are appropriate for the product and recommended by your vendor.
We take a keen interest in the safety and use of the products we sell, and we are available to provide the necessary advice on the use of our products.

Why choose a professional flame machine distributed by Premium FX?

Premium FX has chosen to distribute SHOWVEN products, a brand that our technical services have validated through numerous tests.
Just like the products we manufacture, we are very demanding as to the quality and reliability of the machines we distribute.
Work in complete safety thanks to certified and efficient products.
We offer you the same services as for Premium FX manufacturer products.

Benefit from easy advice for the choice of your products and for their uses by mail and by phone.


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