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Co2 jet gun

Colt and mobile Co2 jet gun for evening entertainment

Co2 jet machine

Compact Co2 jet cannon with head change to create different effects

Accessories & consumables


Want to invest in a professional Co2 jet machine? We offer you different solutions adapted to the area and location of your service.

Co2 jet machines have become essential in the event sector.

Used mainly in clubs, they also find their place in the show.


How to choose your professional Co2 jet machine?

< p>Several possibilities are available to you, depending on the size of your services and the demand of your customers.

For targeted and mobile effects, opt for our range of portable machines and liven up your evenings in a playful with ease.

The most popular products are the compact Co2 jet cannons with interchangeable heads to create different Co2 effects. The Universal-Effects brand concept exists on our “MINI STAGE” machine with a choice of 8 different Co2 effects.

Compact and easy to install, this Co2 jet machine is a must-have product to own without a doubt.

For large-scale events, choose the powerful Co2 jet cannons with 2 to 8 nozzles for spectacular effects.

These products will impress the public with their flow rate and throwing force. An ideal Co2 jet machine to make a splash.


What budget to buy a professional Co2 jet machine?

The budget to allocate to your Co2 jet machine depends on your needs and the size of the machine you choose.

The three existing models of Co2 jet machine are different and do not not meet the same needs, which is why it is necessary to properly target your needs.

You must also take into account the durability of our products as well as their efficiency, which considerably reduces their cost. Investing in reliable products of French quality will allow you to save money in just a few services.

Favoring solid and efficient French manufacturing will undoubtedly be a low investment cost.

< p>

Why get a professional Co2 jet machine?

Professional Co2 jet machines are undeniably one of the most popular atmospheric effects used.

Very sought after in the summer, its refreshing and dynamic side carries away the crowds.

The effect of Co2 jets is also used for scenic visual effects during concerts or show.

The efficiency of our Co2 jet machines no longer needs to be demonstrated, both for their performance and for their safety of use.

The operation of the machines Co2 jetting is done with Co2 cylinders, so it is essential to use professional Co2 machines to maintain a level of optimal safety.


How to prepare a Co2 performance?

The use of fixed Co2 jet machines is subject to safety standards that cannot be ignored without endangering those present, especially when used indoors.

Indeed, the level of Co2 present in an enclosed space must not not exceed the oxygen level. This is why we offer for sale a Co2 detector to be positioned in the Co2 diffusion space.

An essential element for everyone’s safety which must not be neglected.</p >

It is recommended to carry out Co2 services in ventilated spaces.

The safety rules having been checked, install your machine facing the Co2 jet diffusion space, prepare your bottles nearby, these must be attached and not accessible to the public to avoid any risk of injury.

You can then refresh the audience at will.


Why choose a professional Co2 jet machine from the manufacturer Premium FX?< /u>

All our products are made in France, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region with selected materials, of high quality and reliable over time.

The bodies of our machines are made of aluminum and all the hardware is stainless steel, essential choices to keep the effect machines in good condition and always effective since many effects require contact with mixed products and water.

Thus, we avoid rust and we allow you to carry out services with clean and efficient equipment, an essential point for your brand image with your customers.

Our products are guaranteed for 3 years, they are designed to last over time, so there is no planned obsolescence. Even after several years of use, we ensure the maintenance of your machines as well as the necessary repairs in the event of breakage at your request.

By purchasing your machine from Premium FX, you are buying a product designed and made in France, a reliable product, a local customer service, an efficient after-sales service.

Benefit from advice for the choice of your products and for their uses easily by email and by phone.</ p>


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